Saturday, November 23, 2019
QIAMS, Chennai (Quaide Milleth International Media Education Academy) Digital Marketing Workshop
Time: 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Venue: QIAMS, #82, Sterling Road (Opposite to Loyola College, near Nungambakkam Railway Station)
Call: 044 4858 1896



In today’s New age media world, anything can get viral with just a Hash tag (#). But did you know more than 3 Hash tags on an FB post and more than 5 Hash tags on an Instagram post can get you negative ratings? Digital Marketing is a wide ocean of information, and in the digital workshop conducted by Mr. Elangovan on the 23rd of Nov at QIAMS , we were exposed to many such unknown and hidden aspects of Digital Marketing that every Start up and MSME’s should be aware of, to embark into a fruitful journey towards a successful business. Research, Segmentation, Branding, Targeting, Market mix etc …were discussed followed by a clear thought process to - CCI – Copy , Customize and Innovate, a fool proof mantra to find your way in the digital jungle. The web world today is so vast that all information required to understand what a successful business is doing, to be where they are , is available just a click away. The right tools and focus is all one requires to tap the already available information and use it to suit the requirement of ones own business. Understanding your target audience , being thumb friendly , consistent in visual content and usage of 50 to 100 organic keywords are few steps towards making your digital mark on the web. The session was a commendable success and we at QIAMS are looking forward to have more such sessions in the future.