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The media is in the process of a major transformation, with the digital era offering new avenues for dissemination of information as well as huge opportunities to those who are creatively inclined. However, the transformation is so rapid that there are very few institutions that have been able to keep pace with it. The Quaide Milleth International Academy of Media Studies (QIAMS) has been established with the aim of helping those interested and involved in media to negotiate the transformation from the traditional to the fast-emerging NEW MEDIA. The courses at QIAMS are flexible, contemporary, and taught by active media professionals with the help of state-of-the-art technology labs. It's time you gave yourself the QIAMS edge


Student Benefits

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Professional Teaching

With a strong advisory board, QIAMS is gifted with faculty who are experts and well-respected professionals in their field. We are unique in that equal attention is given to training for careers in Tamil media, as well as newly emerging digital media platforms. QIAMS has regular teaching faculty, adjunct faculty from the media industry and eminent guest lecturers.

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QIAMS boasts of world class infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to facilitate learners. We also have a well-stocked library and subscribe to a wide range of English and Tamil newspapers, journals, and magazines. A cafeteria is also available on the campus.s

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QIAMS students been highly successful at finding jobs in various media industries. The faculty ensure that students are placed in various media industries according to their skill set: print, broadcast television, digital and social media, as well as NGOs.

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Research and Documentation

Research is an essential ingredient of journalism. QIAMS understands that and trains students in research practices such as: collecting, managing and interpreting big data, using qualitative research methods for human interest stories, and digitizing old archival material.

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QIAMS offers scholarships on a merit-cum-means basis to students seeking and qualifying for them. It must be indicated clearly in the application if the student requires a scholarship. The full and partial scholarships cover tuition fees and, in special cases, living expenses. Please submit proof of family income as stated in the application form.


NCVTE Affiliation

All diploma Courses in Media Education Sector with course code VCE001 to VCE 016 are affiliated to NATIONAL CENTRE FOR VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION (Erstwhile NCTE), in association with CVE Vocational Education Council, an autonomous NCT, New Delhi, Incorporated with GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, In Collaboration with a scheme of Ministry of Human resource and Development, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.


QIAMS welcomes applicants who demonstrate passion and motivation for a fruitful career as media professionals.

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